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Chapel is a place to worship God. They are usually held in a church or a private house. Chapels at Valley Christian Junior High include worship songs and speakers that teach you a Godly lesson. Every chapel has a specific topic that always relates to God. The speakers use examples from the Bible to emphasize his point. There are also several student testimonies that can occur. It is a friendly student environment but also holy at the same time.

How TTV Streamers Should Be Stopped

Twitch is really sweaty!

I play with sweats and suffer from them everyday, kids need to stop to promote their twitch channels. It is better for people to realize they are BAD at games, so [PLAYERS] can step up and get that VICTORY ROYALE.

Imagine playing against a sweaty fortnite streamer. Imagine getting danced on when your dead. We have all been there before.

So, my [PLAYERS], we have to stand up against [STREAMERS]. We need to turn on our [STREAMER] mode and destroy twitch itself. We have to let streamers stop streaming. We have to streamsnipe. We have to cross-team to destroy them. We have to do everything we can do end this generation of twitch streamers.

we must rise up #GamersRiseUp